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Stock Photo News no. 2

February 2000


* Strong or soft colors in stock photography and publications.

* Search engines and website positioning.

* The real Millennium Bug.

* The golden era of long domain names.

* Website promotion.

* A best-selling list of stock-photos.

* The newest in press release from the stock photo industry.


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Strong or soft colors in stock photography and publications

Will we go for more strong colors in photos or for a counter mechanism towards less striking and soft colors in publications? Let's take a short look at the background. For quite some years ago the introduction of the film Velvia changed the preferred film material for stock photography. Velvia is produced by Japanese Fuji and gives strongly saturated and enhanced colors. Earlier the Kodachrome was the standard in 35 mm films, because of its very fine grain, its nearly true to nature color scale, and not least because of its stability for storage in achieves.

But with the introduction of Velvia this film soon took over the position of Kodachrome as the standard for stock photography. The bright and saturated colors were an advantage on the light table when the picture researcher went through a sample of photos. The effect has been obvious. Since then we have all seen thousands of Velvia photos published in magazines, folders, advertisements, sales letters and newsletters. Of cause other films have been in use, but in the overall picture this shift has been remarkable.

The great success for Velvia has inspired the competition to Fuji from several other manufactorers. Of these the Ectachromes from big Kodak have proliferated into a number of products with specific qualities related to color retention and saturation. The clear competitors to Velvia is the Echtachrome VS (Vivid saturation) and Ectachrome SW (saturated warm) for warm vivid colors. These films and mainly the VS version are now fighting with Velvia in the shops, - and on the light tables in the stock photo agencies. The Ectachromes have some technical advantages over Velvia and have been well received by the stock photographers. I am sure we will see Velvia and these Ectachromes side by side in many publications in the years to come. But the real interesting question is, will we see a tendency of development in the opposite direction - towards soft and less aggressive colors? Now I am not thinking of the art photo movements, here we always have a mixture of styles. No, I am focusing on products for the commercial market.

A good example is the series of books by Tricia Guild (and Elspeth Thompson) presenting a new color palette for indoor decoration and signalling lifestyles. From the front jacket it is described, that "Tricia Guild is renowned for her brilliant use of color in decoration; her response to color has always been intensely personal and emotional, an evolving process which changes is renewed. Recently, after many years of using bright, saturated color, she has moved towards a calmer, cooler palette, a more harmonious use of color in tune with a contemporary way of life." From "White hot. Cool colors for modern living" published 1999 by Quadrille Publishing Ltd, with the excellent photography of James Merrill.

Such tendencies are well worth a look for the creative professional.


Search engines and website positioning

Since last newsletter we have experienced a lot of problems with the different search engines. Search engines are mandatory to be listed in whatever product or service you are providing on the web. Concerning the performance of AltaVista, one of the most important for traffic to international websites, the search display has improved remarkable - a great benefit for the users. And according to our experience at A-Z Fotos the acceptance and listening of new web pages are re-established, with only minor irregularities.

You can check how well your site is indexed in AltaVista by searching in AltaVista, writing "url:" before your url (e.g. in the search box. Use a time of the day with little traffic to have shown the full number of indexed pages. You can read more here:


The Real Millennium Bug

The fear for the Millennium Bug was exaggerated, or the precautions worked well. You can visit what became the Real Millennium Bug at

This small water strider deserves attention - and a good story in relevant media.


The golden era of long domain names

Just now the gold rush around registering and selling domain names is back again. Until late last year it was not possible to register domain names longer than 22 characters. Now it is possible to register domains up to 63 characters, that will be up to 59 characters plus the ".com" extension. You now have the possibility to register the full name of your business as a top domain, if it was earlier restricted by the short domains. Or/and you can register a couple of domains with your main key words to be found on the search engines. Do like this:

1. Find out which key words are most important for the search of your potential visitors to have targeted traffic to your website.

2. Check some statistics of which wording people actually use - find out at tools.jhtml

3. Find the best combination of keywords, e.g.

if these keywords fit to your publications (or whatever you sell). The use of hyphens is friendly for the search engines to separate the keywords. But long domain names with hyphens are not so popular with people. A combination of different domain names is the way to handle that dilemma. All in all to register a few domain names and set them up as lead pages is a small investment in advertisement with a huge effect. At A-Z Fotos we have registered quite a number of domains around offering stock photos, and also a number of other domains in the hope of later reselling for a substantial profit.

4. You find one of the best registrars of long domain names here

If you need more ideas and good advice, go to this resource.

Some domain names have been sold (after the original registration) for incredible sums - several for 1 million dollars! Most are sold for less dramatic prices, but it seems to be worth while to register names when you have good ideas for income generating names, besides the proposed domain names as leads to your website. Take a look on the sales of real-estate in cyberspace.


Website promotion

I have just come across an amazing resource for shaping websites towards efficiency, targeted traffic and most important closing orders. I expect to benefit a lot from that in the future at A-Z Fotos. Take a look - With lots of free stuff.

All websites need maintenance. You can have your own website checked for free at


Photo District newswire

Photo District News is a useful website and they publish a newsletter with detailed updates for professional photographers.


A best-selling list of stock photos

The US stock photo agency West Stock displays a best-selling list of pictures for 1999 here. It is interesting with the dominance of "white collar" types of pictures sold.

West Stock also explains that the use of low resolution digital pictures are welcomed by the creative professionals, but picture sizes lower than 450 x 300 pixels are not acceptable.

The newest in press release in the stock photo industry

You will find a list of the latest press releases related to stock photo libraries and the whole stock photo industry here.



If you are eager to increase the traffic to your web site in a dramatic way, take a look HERE.

Have you seen the previous issue of Stock Photo News. ?

If you have any comments, good ideas or critical remarks, please post them on our message board.

See you in next Stock Photo Newsletter! Soren Breiting. A-Z FOTOS.

Copyright 2000 by Soren Breiting, A-Z FOTOS.

You are welcome to download this web page and to upload it to your own website as long as you keep all content intact and keep all links, including the copyright notion.

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