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No. 31

The first Modern eZine combining Stock Photography and
Marketing - Published since 1999

'Equally important for picture buyers and image providers.'

August 2008



* From the Editor

* Article marketing - cheap and simple efficient promotion
of your work and service

* The Stock Trade

* Stock Photography Workshop in Seattle with Patrick Donehue

* Free online webinar: 16 Steps to Success

* What is a marketable picture

* Getty robust in Flickr deal defence

* Kursiv releases keywording software

* Since Last Stock Photo News

* White-list Stock Photo News

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This edition of Stock Photo News boost an amount of
useful information especially relevant for stock
photographers - or for people who already like to take pictures but dream of a future as a photographer.

As usual some of the stuff should be stimulating
reading for users of pictures, too.

A high level workshop about stock photography in Seattle
is announced at the end. This isn't free, but the
announced 16 Steps to Success online training is
completely free.

I have been through this course and recommend it
strongly, see below.

Feel free to forward this newsletter to friends and
colleagues to help them build a successful web presence.

Enjoy reading Stock Photo News!

Soren Breiting, Editor.
"Find Stock Photos from most of the World"

Comments, tips and relevant articles are appreciated.
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Soren Breiting



If not before, you should now start promoting your
work or service through the smart mechanism of
writing very short focused articles for free reprint,
see my example How to become a photographer at

If you prefer a special positive attitude from the
editor, try my article directory:

Here, I accept English as well as Danish language
articles after you have signed up.

When your article is accepted (often in 24 hours)
by me you will get a 'DO FOLLOW' link to your site.
Unfortunately and some of the other
big article directories use 'NO FOLLOW' tags meaning
that the search engines will not follow the link to
your website from your article.

Use articles to promote your books, your pictures,
your magazine articles, your business website, your
service as a picture researcher, photographer or
other picture professional. Use articles to promote
your opinion or to establish a new website in
Cyberspace - It works for everything.

The more articles and the more each focus on a single
theme the better promotion for your things.



A look behind the turbulence and uncertainties of today's
stock photography marketplace to help you find the best
way to make a profit



September 22-26, 2008 | 5-Day Program: $925.00

Limited to 12 participants

This workshop will include behind the scenes tours at
Getty and Corbis, and special guest lecturers on industry

If you are interested in the Stock Photography Industry,
or want to gain an advantage for your business, THIS is
the workshop for you.
Unprecedented access to industry insiders will give you
the edge you need!

Schedule: 9am-5pm

Topics to be covered:
* Visual Literacy
* Photo Agencies/Distribution Channels
* Agency Contracts
* Model/Property Releases
* Trademarks
* Market Opportunity
* International Marketplace
* Creative Research & Intelligence
* Trend Analysis
* Ethics
* Conceptual Stock Photography
* Attributes of Successful Stock Photographers
* Top Selling Stock Imagery
* Metadata
* Visual Awareness
* Creative Innovation
* Digital Workflow/Standards
* Competitive Landscape
* Vital Resources & Tools
* The Stock Photo Shoot
* Production Value
* Art Direction
* Specialization
* Art vs. Commerce
* Building A Successful Portfolio
* Personal Vision/Passion/Commitment

Venue: The Art Wolfe Gallery

About Patrick Donehue

Patrick Donehue is the VP/Chief Photographer for Corbis.
Well-known as an industry expert, Donehue is a frequent
lecturer on the creative and business aspects of photography.

Patrick is president of the Picture Archive Council of
America (PACA) and sits on the executive board of the
Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) and is a member
of the President's Council at the International Center of
Photography (ICP). He also sits on the Advisory Board for
the Microsoft Icons Of Imaging program and is also on the
faculty of The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena
and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

A professional photographer since 1977, Patrick's images
have been used worldwide by clients such as General
Electric, Motorola, Nissan and Chrysler.

See more about the workshop about Stock Photography lead
by Patrick Donehue
Please contact Keron at Art Wolfe with any questions or

(- I am participating myself - Soren)



I have been through these 16 online sessions (completely free)
and learned a lot of useful marketing techniques that any kind
of business can make use of.

You will be introduced to the usefulness of WordPress, the
free blogging platform that is so well for CMS systems, too,
as mentioned in SPN no. 30.

The two main teachers at the webinar is Sam(ual) Clark and
Jack Humphrey and I trust their insight very much.
Their teaching about how to search for the best niche is
super, indeed.

You find the sign up page here: don't delay for it will
be a very popular course, I guess.
(I am not in any way affiliate with 16 Steps, I just want
to help my subscribers).



Rohn Engh, director of PhotoSource International, describes
in this short video some basics about what should be inside
a marketable picture, called

'It is within 30 feet of where you are sitting or standing
right now'.
Listen and see this stock photo video at .



16 July 2008
Getty Images is set to license images sourced from photo-sharing
site Flickr but, according to CEO Jonathan Klein, it's a deal
that supports rather than undermines professional photography.
Diane Smyth and Olivier Laurent report

Getty Images has struck up a deal with Flickr, allowing it to
license selected images from the photo-sharing site.

The images will be licensed under Getty's existing stock
contracts as Rights Managed, Royalty Free or Rights Ready
pictures. Flickr will only make images available for licensing
through Getty Images, but Getty Images will work with each
selected photographer individually rather than the organisation
as a whole.

Each photographer will be paid directly by Getty, and Flickr
will not take a cut of their fee. Instead a financial
agreement has been worked out at a corporate level between
Getty Images and Flickr.



Keywording is time consuming and expensive.

With "KIM Keywording" Swiss photoagency Kursiv launches a new
software for faster keywording of images with a variety of
unique features.

The product offers a structured approach to the keywording
of large amounts of images and supports up to 10 languages.

Images without keywords cannot be found in the internet -
and thus will not be sold. Good keywording is essential for
photoagencies and photographers, and becomes even more
important with the ever increasing number of images available
on searchengines worldwide.

What is considered a "good" keywording is dependent on your
own requirements and those of your distribution partners.

Not all searchengines in the web are the same.

KIM Keywording allows you to keyword once, and create a
variable output according to your needs.

KIM Keywording realizes this by applying a "contextual keywording".
A context is more important as the keywords themselves.
A context means a keyword in a unique setting. Whenever a
new keyword is added to the keyword database, it gets the
unique context from its unique position within the keyword

The keyword "Switzerland" for example is linked to a larger
context of "geography - Europe - Western Europe - Switzerland"
and the word "snowing" comes from the larger context
"nature - phenomena - weather - snow - snow flake - snowing".

Every single context also has fields for plurals and synonyms,
and all this for up to 10 languages.
Once an image has been keyworded with KIM Keywording, the software
"knows" what contexts were applied to that image. This allows for
adjustments to the keyword catalog, like deactivating plurals,
or expanding synonyms and the like. Pushing a button will then
update all keywords of all images.

KIM Keywording supports up to 10, also non-latin languages.
As many agencies send out their images to different service
partners for the keywording of several languages, no such
extra hasle is required when using KIM Keywording. New
languages can be added to the keyword database in which
every unique context allows for unique and precise
translations. Once the new language is added to the
keyword database, the additional language can be
applied to all already keyworded images with a simple
mouseclick. As all images have been keyworded with
unique contexts, the result is an extremely fast and reliable workflow with correct translations.

KIM Keywording reads and writes IPTC Core fields from TIFF-
and JPEG files. Export of metadata is possible for many formats,
including CSV, Excel, XML, etc. KIM Keywording is a cross
platform software for Mac and Windows and can now be
purchased in a version for 1 or 10 languages.

Further informations, screencasts as well as a test
version can be found here:



In July I have been traveling around in Greenland, a
former colony of Denmark, now a part of the Danish Kingdom,
but in a rather special way.

In 1978, Denmark granted home rule to Greenland, making
it an equal member of the Rigsfællesskab.

Greenland is, by area, the world's largest island but
Greenland is not a continent in its own right.

It was amazing to fly over the ice with all the glaciers
moving out from the huge central cover of ice. The melting
ice and the higher amount of icebergs being delivered to
the ocean is a scary but spectacular view of which only
scientific records can tell the truth about what is
happening to the climate.

The inhabitants of Greenland are in a form of transition
from the traditional forms of life that have been abandoned
tens of years ago, officially, but which is still a part
of their own self esteem - and should be - into modern
forms of life. That is the western form of life with
buying goods, not exchanging goods, and living in flats
in several store buildings etc.

I don't need to mention that all this is a fascinating
experience for a photographer.

At my daily life I am working on implementing all the
good stuff I have learned by participating in the above
mentioned 16 Steps To Success - don't hesitate to sign up -
I think you will send me flowers for this invitation !

See you in next SPN.



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You are welcome to forward this newsletter to a friend or
to post it on your own website as long as you keep ALL
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Stock Photo News is 'in principle' a monthly newsletter
edited by me, Soren Breiting. Due to many travels abroad
it is impossible for me to keep the schedule of the issues
strictly fitting to each month. My intention is to bring
quality information that isn't outdated a month or two

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Stock Photo News is your professional ezine to keep in touch with the trends of the online market for photography. By combining marketing issues with stock photography and how to make the most out of pictures this monthly ezine helps you not to loose on the dynamic market for pictures and how they are used.

Stock Photo News takes the pulse of the stock photo industry and gives you hints on how to search for stock photography and where to get the best pictures.

News about new picture agencies, merging stock photo agencies and other important changes for the creative professional are brought in many issues.

Even for the budding stock photographer or the student of creative productions this photo ezine should be well worth studying as it is dealing with the potential of pictures and offer stock photo news related to marketing and stock photography - including the newest information about stock photo distributors / picture agencies.

Stock Photo News has been published since 1999 and was the first professional newsletter to combine pictures and marketing.

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