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No. 30

The first Modern eZine combining Stock Photography and
Marketing - Published since 1999

'Equally important for picture buyers and image providers.'

July 2008



* From the Editor

* The value of good portraits on social websites and
for branding

* WordPress for blogs and as CMS, Content Management

* How to send photos and other big files

* Sublime layout with one picture

* maXx images - Representation of Image Source's
Fair Trade Collection World Portraits

* Adam Jones: Explorer of Light in Bowling Green July 22

* Since Last Stock Photo News

* White-list Stock Photo News

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Welcome to the 30th issue of Stock Photo News,
an issue just before many of us go for vacation.
In a time when the price on oil is exploding and
the economy seems to be in recession in some countries
it is important to keep your business in control.

But it is also important to keep an eye on new
opportunities, not least inexpensive opportunities
to guarantee your success. I hope you won't be
disappointed with the information in this issue
as that should give you an extra edge whatever
you are a picture professional using or producing
stock photos.

An earlier article about layout is reprinted as we
have many new readers of Stock Photo News - welcome
to all.

Feel free to forward this newsletter to friends and
colleagues to help them build a successful web presence.

Enjoy reading Stock Photo News!

Soren Breiting, Editor.
"Find Stock Photos from most of the World"

Comments, tips and relevant articles are appreciated.
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*** Important note: I will not sell or rent the email
addresses belonging to our subscribers - I respect your
privacy. This mail list will only be used to send you the
monthly ezine. - This ezine uses opt in addresses.***
Soren Breiting



True, portraits aren't what you would think of first
with stock photography. But you should take some interest
in how you and your clients and colleagues are showing
their portraits on websites of different kinds.

Honestly I haven't paid that much attention to it yet,
but will do it in the future. Until now I have just thought
to differentiate a little, please compare yours truly at with

More and more marketing is being based on the trustworthiness
of the seller and potential partner. The explosion of social
websites like Facebook has dramatically supported this trend,
even in an indirect way. You will see the same issue for
portraits at the large article directories, like

Try to compare the versions of self promotion in these
small portraits at Facebook as an example:
and remark especially
" The size of the face compared to the frame
" How easy is it the see the head in this small size?
" The color of the background
" The use/ no use of hands and gestures
" The mood of the portrait - emotions
" Is the face inviting, neutral or negative?
" Are there distracting elements in the picture?

As social websites are here to stay, yes, in fact to
explode further, I recommend you to take the quality of
your portrait up to revision. And there is certainly a
future business in being an expert in creating that kind
of compelling portraits for clients.



The free blog application WordPress is becoming more and
more THE standard not only for blog websites but for whole
Content Management Systems. And it is easy to combine these
two kinds of basic website functionality.

The fantastic thing with WordPress (WP) is that hundreds
of developers are engaged in the further development of
its functionality and in creating new designs for WP sites.

One of the unusual things with WP is that it is so easy
to change the complete design by changing to another
'WP theme'.

Some themes are free to use, like I use on with informational
travel articles about island vacation.

Other themes have to be paid for, like my partner website with resources and news
for vacation on exotic and attractive islands.

You can download WP, now in version 2.5.1, at

I have bought my WP themes here

I have chosen the themes Organic, WP Remix and
SimpleSite Theme.
WP Remix is for CMS web site development and you can
use it for many different sites at the same time.
The SimpleSite is especially for a portfolio of photography,
but can be used for presenting goods for a product site as well.



It is something of a challenge to send professional
pictures attached to emails unless they have been
reduced in file size before. How many haven't been
stuck in the email box or rejected by the receiver's
email box?

I am often using to upload my pictures with ftp to my
server and then to send the costumer the 'secret' web
address. It works well, but may not work for other
people who aren't used to ftp.
A solution to use from where ever you are in the world
is to use the free service at
It works quite well if you aren't sending lots of big

We have earlier brought a useful article by David Riecks
in SPN about how to send pictures online, read it here:



How to get the most out of using just a single picture
(photo or art) on a page? The page can be a page in a
magazine, a book, a folder /announcement or a web page.

Using just one photo or picture may be seen as a challenge.
But the difference and impression between using no pictures
and a single picture is much bigger than the difference
between one picture and several pictures on a page
whatever printed material or online webpage.
A sublime layout with pictures has nothing to do with the
number of pictures but how they are used.
Be inspired for your desktop publishing and web page layout
by the following ideas and tips.

* A full page picture on the left page

A full page picture on the left page in a magazine,
folder or book is a simple and functional layout.
If possible choose a picture that directs the attention
towards the text at the right page and be careful to select
a really appealing picture of good technical quality.

* A picture as a whole page background

A picture as a background on a printed page can look
very attractive.
The real challenge is to find a picture that fits with having
text on parts of it. The part of the picture that is
covered by text shouldn't have any structure and the color
mustn't be aggressive. A thin blue sky will often be a good
choice if it matches the message.

The effect will be improved if a few small white clouds
hang around but do not let them interfere with the text.
Do not compromise with these aspects of interference
between structures in the picture and the text.

If the text is partly on an uneven background many potential
readers will avoid it or get a lower level of retention.
Background pictures on commercial websites have dropped
dramatically due to this effect.

* One big picture on a page

The classic layout with a combination of text and a large
picture on a page is a functional but quite boring layout.
The surface of the page covered by the picture might
be a half of the page on the top, or at the bottom or a
vertical picture to one of the sides.

Putting the picture in the centre of the page with
the text waved around may look much more attractive.

* One small picture on the page

A small picture or especially a very small picture alone
on a page should be treated with great care.

Not to say that any picture wouldn't help with the look
and feel. But the point is that just one small picture
may add a lot of attraction to a text page if used wisely.
Because of its small size the picture should have
- a simple object and message.

- If it is in black and white it is even more important.
- a few and strong colors, mostly one color is fine.
Red and yellow can be fine as an 'accent'
but may also be too aggressive.
Clear blue or green may be excellent too.

* The interaction between the font and the picture

Be careful with the choice of font for the text, if you have
any influence on that. Especially how the title looks like
with the chosen font and how it interacts with the
picture is important.

* Where to get the pictures

You can find hundreds of thousands of professional stock
photos including royalty-free photos at picture agencies like and
that have a good reputation.
For small sized pictures the price is very modest in
royalty-free pictures.
If you have a very slim budget and you are not too ambitious
with your products you will find cheap photos too, by
searching for "stock photos" or fotos in Google. is a good source of cheap
stock pictures of good quality.

* In conclusion

To include just one picture on a printed page or a web page
will enhance the layout of the page considerably.
You might even be able to produce a sublime layout with
your desktop publishing. Your goal should be to hit the best
interaction between the photo and the arrangement of the text.

Soren Breiting



North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 06/27/2008 -, one of North America's top rights managed and
royalty-free stock photography agencies, announces the
representation of World Portraits.

maXx images, a North American stock photography agency,
is pleased to announce the representation of
Image Source's fair trade collection World Portraits.
Producing cultural royalty free imagery, World
Portraits showcases photography of people from all
corners of the earth, but especially from less developed

"Aside from the exceptional photography, we truly appreciate
and support the concept put forth by World Portraits," said
Dave Maquignaz, President of maXx images, "The revenue
received from royalties is shared with the models via
micro-banking to ensure models receive their share of
revenue generated by their images. A true win-win for
all involved."

"World Portraits is a truly unique collection" added
Image Source's Fernando Oliveira, "and we're very pleased
to be working with maXx images in representing this imagery."

Offering the highest quality rights-managed, royalty-free
and subscription based stock photos in both Canada and the
U.S.A., maXx images' extensive stock photo collection
provides high quality images for advertisers, graphic
designers, publishers and multimedia producers worldwide.

About maXx images, Inc.
maXx images, Inc. (, established in 1994,
is a stock photography agency located in Vancouver, Canada.
Working closely with our select group of professional
photographers and strategic global partners, maXx images
represents over 3 million rights managed and royalty free
images making us one of North America's leading creative
sources for imagery. maXx images also manages StockFood
Canada, the world's leading source of food stock photography.



Some local news about a stock photographer:


Friday, June 27, 2008 5:02 PM CDT

Canon Explorer of Light photographer Adam Jones is coming
to Bowling Green, KY on July 22nd. The event will take place
at the Carroll Knicely Conference Center
( beginning at 6:30pm.

The event is sponsored by Canon, Delkin Devices,
Shutterbug Photo Mall and the Sunny 16 Camera Club.
Admission is free and is open to the public.

Adam Jones has been a life long resident of Louisville, Kentucky.
Today this internationally recognized photographer specializing
in travel, nature, and wildlife, explores the U.S. and the
world creating his distinctive images. Jones's award-winning
photography has been widely published in magazines, posters,
calendars, books, and in national advertising campaigns for
clients such as Canon, Ford, Eddie Bauer, Miller Beer, and
Coldwater Creek.

Adam Jones is recognized worldwide as an outstanding stock
photographer with his photographs represented around the
world by Getty Images, Corbis, Tony Stone, Visuals Unlimited,
Photo Researchers, Oxford Scientific, and Danita Delimont
Stock Photography.

His work has sold for editorial and commercial uses in over
30 countries. Adam is in great demand for his beautiful graphic
ature images and his clean distinctive travel imagery.

He is just as comfortable in some remote wilderness area as he
is hanging out of a helicopter capturing aerials of major
urban areas.

Adam's publication credits also include: National Geographic Books,
Life Magazine, National Wildlife Federation, Audubon, Sierra Club,
Disney, People Magazine, Hallmark Cards, and hundreds of textbooks.

In 1995 the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest honored
Adam by selecting one of his images from over 19, 000 entries,
as the winner in the "In Praise of Plants" category.

Adam has published seven coffee-table books, with three released
in 2004. These include his popular instructional book:
The Step-by-Step Photography Workshop, which he also authored, The Great Smoky Mountains Natural Wonder National Park, and Great Smoky Mountains Simply Beautiful. Adam's latest book published by Farcountry Press is entitled "Kentucky Simply

In early 2006, Adam was selected to be one of Canon USA's
elite group of photographers, The Explorers of Light.
Canon describes the Explorer of Light program as such:
The Explorers of Light program is a group of 60 of the World's
best photographers united in their love and passion for
photographic excellence. They share a common desire to
contribute back to the industry with a willingness to
share their vision and passion with others.

Adam is a popular and respected workshop instructor and
lecturer. Adam teaches photography workshops around the
world helping students reach their full potential in the
exciting world of digital photography. He has taught for
Canon, Popular Photography & Imaging, Maine Photographic
Workshops, Rocky Mountain School of Photography,
Great American Photography Workshops and Joe Van Os Photo Safaris.

Adam is noted for his enthusiastic down to earth approach
and his ability to communicate effectively with all skill

From The Amplifier.



Why is our time up to a vacation always so busy?
I guess you know it from yourself - you have deadlines
and personal goals you want to fulfill in time to be able
to enjoy a relaxing (or exciting) time of holydays.

I am going to Greenland with my wife and two couples of
good friends. Greenland is historical and also nowadays
bound tight to small Denmark, and it is a long standing
dream for me to be able to visit the world's largest
island. An opportunity for stock photography too, of

I hope the ice hasn't melted yet! - In fact this is a
question not to take too light as I am very concerned
about the future of climate change. In Denmark we might
only experience less serious changes, but world wide I
am very concerned about the risks for some vulnerable
populations of people in developing countries etc.

Since last SPN I have been engaged in learning better
the new trends on the Internet as I wrote a little about
in that former issue. The mechanisms of traffic generation
and marketing are changing rapidly, not least because of
the effect of the social nets on social websites. It is
for good reasons that I start this issue up with a focus
on something related to the visual profiles on the social
websites among other places.

See you in next SPN.



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Stock Photo News is 'in principle' a monthly newsletter
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it is impossible for me to keep the schedule of the issues
strictly fitting to each month. My intention is to bring
quality information that isn't outdated a month or two

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