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No. 29

The first Modern eZine combining Stock Photography and
Marketing - Published since 1999

'Equally important for picture buyers and image providers.'

April 2008



* From the Editor

* Don't Sell Pictures; Sell What Pictures Do

* Links and the NOFOLLOW tag

* Your gifts for reading SPN

* now allows images in articles

* Stock Photos - The Perfect Solution For Buying And
Selling Photos
By guest author Chris Robertson

* Alamy terminates contributor contract after model release issue

* Stockxpert.Com Announces New Microstock Royalty-Free Footage

* Subliminal Messages in Pictures - Do Subliminal Messages
in Pictures Influence our Decisions?
By guest author Robert D. Watson

* Offshore Bangladeshi outsourcing IT firm offering professional
Clipping Path service overnight

* Since Last Stock Photo News

* White-list Stock Photo News

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The web is moving very fast with web 2.0 networks and
interaction, with videos everywhere. Google is changing
its search results, too.

I hope you don't feel overloaded with these changes, as
they will give you an incredible advantage over big
companies that navigate too slowly during this transition.

This issue of SPN is again an attempt to help you benefit
from these changes with the least amount of frustration and
efforts. Whatever you are using images in your business or
you are a stock photo provider you should pay attention.

Please read especially the first half of this issue
carefully - I guess you will thank me for it.

Google's changing search results will be on the agenda
in a future SPN.

Feel free to forward this newsletter to friends and colleagues
to help them build a successful web presence.

Enjoy reading Stock Photo News!

Soren Breiting, Editor.

"Find Stock Photos from most of the World"

Comments, tips and relevant articles are appreciated.
Send email to (please remove the inserted part added to avoid email harvesters).

*** Important note: I will not sell or rent the email
addresses belonging to our subscribers - I respect your
privacy. This mail list will only be used to send you the
monthly ezine. - This ezine uses opt in addresses.***
Soren Breiting



Written by Ron Rovtar

A picture isn't worth very much. Everyone has lots of them.
They clog computer hard drives and spill out of boxes. Children cut them out of magazines (or download them from the Internet) and paste them into school projects that will be discarded in a few days.

A picture isn't worth much. But what a picture does -- what
the right picture does -- can easily be worth thousands, tens
of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars
to the company that uses it.




In SPN 28 I gave you an overview of mechanisms to improve links to your site for more traffic and better ranking in the
searchengines, called 'Why links to your site and pictures
are important' , see .

I mentioned the NOFOLLOW tag, an attribute that can be written in the code that prohibits search engines to follow a link to your site or another url. If it is a comment in a social
website with a lot of traffic this tag might not be that
important and you should still work on writing useful comments
on that site and get clicks from real people enjoying your
comments to your site.

But if your comment or article is on a website with less traffic
but still by you regarded as a good place to have a link back to your site and pictures, you should investigate if the site is
using the NOFOLLOW tag. This is easyly done:

Go to a relevant page you might use for a comment or an article and click the 'View' option in your browser.

Scroll down to 'Source' and open that. This will make a simple
page (0ften a Notepad page) with all the code for the webpage.

Use the 'Edit' option and go to 'Find' and search for NOFOLLOW.

If you find that word in the code this will normally be linked
to outbound links - and you will know that such links will not
be followed and indexed by searchengines.

Then you can decide if that website is the place to direct your efforts as a part of your web 2.0 marketing strategy.


These books, free for you, are really eyeopeners for your
online success.
They fit very well into this issue of SPN and into no. 28 of SPN with the main focus on understanding web 2.0 mechanisms and how to benefit from these strong movements in the online world, affecting the off-line world dramatically, too.

Download the black book and bending the web here:

Download 101 tips here - it is in an interesting ebook format, too:

Tell me what you think in an email - I will be surprised if
you are not really happy with this information.


As a follow-up to last SPN about article marketing:


February 25th, 2008 has added the option for you to display images within your free for reprint articles.

The images must be hosted on a external web site for you to link to - following this example:

<img src=”” alt=”My Image” />

At they believe this can help authors that need to describe complected processes and it makes it easier to have a photo with it.

The advice is: Keep your images small (you can always link to a larger image) as it can mess up the nice layout of your articles.

You find here at - one of the article directories that provides ezine publishers and webmasters with free articles and now free pictures for reprint.
- Both are excellent marketing tools.



By Chris Robertson

I published magazines for a living for years and know firsthand
how frustrating it can be to find the right royalty free photo
and then buy the right to use it. Likewise, I know a bunch of
great photographers who have pretty much given up on trying to sell their images because it's just not worth the hassle.

What's needed is some sort of market place for stock photos that simple, easy to use, and fair for both buyers and sellers.

That shouldn't be too much to ask, but it's surprisingly difficult
to find something like this. The big stock photography sites are geared towards publishers who buy large numbers of photos at a time and do not mind the often-significant charges and fees.
Even smaller sites generally try to lock you in with subscriptions.
Those can be a good deal, but not if all you need is a photo or two for a web site or a newsletter.

Another problem with conventional stock photo sites is that there is a big overlap. Sometimes it seems they all have the same images!
It's frustrating to spend the time searching through multiple sites just to find the same stuff. A photo market, just like a farmers market or a flea market, always has fresh, new products and a wide variety to pick from.

Amazingly, photo markets do exist, and I prefer them to the
conventional stock photo places. As a buyer, I appreciate being able to look at pictures from many different professional or semi-professional photographers, or even talented amateurs, when I want to buy an image. I also want instant gratification, which to me means being able to download instantly, without buying a subscription first, and using PayPal so I won't need to enter credit card data every time.

How does a photo market work if you want to sell photos? Again, very much like a farmers market where sellers buy space to sell their products. They do that because for small merchants it's cheaper to rent space than have their own store, and the market is where people go to shop. Likewise, for photographers it's usually cheaper to rent space at a photo market where people come to buy photos than to create their own website and then advertise it to generate traffic. How much to vendors pay?
That depends on how much space they rent, or rather how many images they want to have for sale at a given time.

The key to a photo market is to keep it simple. To buy a photo
you register so the market knows you will respect its terms of
use, but you only pay for images you purchase and download.
To sell images, you register as a seller and then decide how
many pictures you want to have for sale. The rest is between
the buyer and the seller. Like in any other market, sellers
decide how much they want to charge, and buyers can then decide if they want to pay that price.

A stock photo market is perfect if you need to quickly pick a
picture or three for a project, or, as a seller, if you're
handy with your camera and want to make same extra money.

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of
the worlds MOST popular []internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Stock Photos:
Perfect Solution or Majon's Multimedia directory .




Oxfordshire, UK, 27 February 2008

Alamy has terminated the contract of a contributor for falsely
stating that an image had a model release.

The company, the largest stock photo site on the web, acted
swiftly after being contacted by a member of the public who
had appeared on an image marked as released but was confident he had never signed one.

The image was immediately removed from the site pending an
investigation. After admitting he had provided false information, the contributor had his contract terminated and all images were removed.

Writing on the company blog, Alamy’s head of content Alan Capel said: “Given that the contributor had knowingly provided false information, we felt we had no choice but to terminate the contract of the contributor and remove all of their images with immediate effect”.

“We are seeking to gain more of a foothold in the commercial
market where there is greater sensitivity to the need for releases.
By providing the new annotation tools we are giving contributors the opportunity to make their images available to this market if they meet the necessary requirements.”

He told contributors:“We take breaches of the contributor agreement very seriously but we also want to stress that, by providing correct release information, you are protecting yourselves against any legal action.”

You will find Alamy here




Press Release 2/29/08
Jupitermedia Corporation (Nasdaq: JUPM) today announced that, the royalty-free stock photography community, has expanded its product offerings and now includes premium royalty-free footage which are available in the most popular file resolutions and file formats and at prices to fit all budgets. File formats include both standard and high definition video as well as Flash video to appeal to Web designers. now enables footage buyers to purchase the clips they need for their creative projects for as little as $10 at the lowest resolution to $50 for 1080 HD.'s powerful footage search engine with 16 search categories and over 150 sub-categories makes finding the right clip fast and easy. offers one of the fastest and easiest ways to
upload files and encourages members of the creative community to submit their footage for consideration to be sold on the site.

"Microstock sites are playing a major role in the digital imagery
business as buyers are facing tighter budgets. We're excited to be able to provide another cost-effective, high quality option to creative professionals and Web designers to enable them to complete their projects with Stockxpert footage," stated Alan M. Meckler, Chairman and CEO of Jupitermedia Corporation.
"This is another example of Jupiterimages' mission to provide
the highest quality digital content in every format and every
price point to serve the entire creative community," added

About Jupitermedia Corporation
Jupitermedia Corporation (Nasdaq: JUPM),, headquartered in Darien, CT, is a leading global provider of images, news, and original information, career Web sites and events for information technology, business, media and creative professionals.



By Robert D. Watson

It is believed that when a person is continuously and quickly
shown a subliminal message hidden behind a picture, evenafter
the image is gone our subconscious maintains an after image of the message and subconscious then acts in a similar way as the subliminal message in the picture suggests. Some also believes that subliminal messages in pictures can also have a positive effect for example it can also help to achieve a goal i.e. if you repeatedly look at a at your goal hidden as a subliminal message in a visual your subconscious will let go of self-beliefs and replace it with your goal.

A subliminal message is a message hidden in audio or visual. It
is not detectable easily to our naked eyes. These messages
directly influence our sub consciousness and may lead our sub
consciousness in a certain direction. Some researches argue
that effect of subliminal messages is rather insignificant while
others believe that they might cause some harm. Another third
group of researches believe that subliminal messages have no
effect on our subconscious thus no effect on our actions.

Subliminal messages are commonly used in pictures. Subliminal
messages hidden in pictures are part normally used as part of
advertising campaigns with sellers believing that subliminal
messages hidden in pictures with increase their product sell.

The popcorn sale during a movie in a theater is probably the most well known of all of the subliminal messages that have been hidden in pictures. In 1950, a market researcher named James Vicary used subliminal messages in pictures by flashing images 'eat popcorn' and 'drink coke' quickly on the screen. He claimed that the percentage sale of popcorn was increased by about 17% and that Coke sales went up by 63%.

Wilson Bryan Key, a professor at the University of Western Ontario, conducted his research particularly in subliminal messages in pictures. He discovered that subliminal messages were used almost in all advertisements. For example, Wilson Bryan Key found that in the Johnny Walker Scotch ads the ice cubes had images of screaming faces, skulls, and other horrific images. Other products in which subliminal messages have been used are beer products like Labatt's, tobacco products, alcohol products, food products, pharmaceutical products and sports equipment and even in drinks such as coke.

Another interesting example of subliminal messages in picture is dated back to year 1988 when a subliminal picture of French
president before his re-election was mixed with the title sequence of French national television daily news show for several consecutive days.

In a recent case a McDonald's logo appeared at one point during Food Network's series Iron Chef America. It lead to many claims that it was an instance of subliminal messages in pictures although Food Network claimed otherwise.

Some research were carried out to prove that subliminal messages hidden in pictures have no influence on a person. For example in year 1970 D. Hawkins, a scientists, discovered that after showing the word "Coke" hidden subliminally in a picture particularly in an advertisement to a group of people, their desire to buy coke was not greater than group of people who had been shown a word which meant nothing to them.

Do subliminal messages in pictures exist? There has been no
proof as yet that subliminal messages in pictures influences
ones action compared to others strongly claiming that
subliminal messages have no effect. While the jury is still out
on whether subliminal messages are a scientific fact, many
individuals have found that beneficial subliminal messages
hidden in specially designed videos and movies have helped
them to quit smoking, lose weight and conquer bad habits.
Hopefully, more scientific studies will be done and we can
have a conclusive answer.

Robert Watson is a certified hypnotherapist with the ABH and
the NGH, and has worked with affirmations and subliminal
messages for over ten years. Visit his Subliminal Messages website for more information
about using affirmations and subliminal messages to help
you lose weight, quit smoking, have a more positive outlook
and more.



Press release from: Color Experts International

(openPR) - Color Experts International (CEI), is an offshore
outsourcing IT firm that delivers premium quality professional
Online services such as digital graphics editing, prepress, web
design studio and more at a compatible low cost. Color Experts
International is dedicated in providing the best overnight service in the industry and the most important clients they work with are catalog and prepress companies, photo studios and graphic design firms as well as commercial photographers.

Primary services of Color Experts International are Clipping path, Photoshop Masking, Image Conversion & CAD Conversion, Professional Photo Retouching, Raster to Vector conversion, Corporate Identity Template Design, Image key wording, Stock Photography Support Services, Prepress & Desktop Publishing, Stock Photography Support Services,
Website Design & Development and Creative Graphics Design Service.

There is good news for professionals who are in need of suchtype of services. Color Experts International provides an exciting opportunity of using their overnight free trial offer of two images for evaluating the effectiveness of their services to the new clients.

This free evaluation will provide them with a much better user
experience than much of what is available on today's graphic platforms at an extremely competitive rate.

Additional Supporting Quotes from its Clients:

"The excellent service that our company has received from CEI is second to none! We uploaded the files in the evening, and the clipping paths came back in the morning. I would recommend CEI to anyone who is looking for quality clipping paths at a fast turn around time."

--- Conrad Vanecek, 2020 Photography, Castle Hill NSW, Australia

"Color Experts provide me with clipping paths that are more precise
than I could create myself, and for a fraction of the price. I upload my files at night and they're in my inbox the next morning. I couldn't be happier with their quality and service."

--- Morris Gindi, President, Digital Photographic Studio, LLC,
Oakhurst, NJ, USA.

"As a digital photographer, I've relied on Color Experts many times for high quality clipping paths, completed and delivered overnight.
My clients demand fast service and Color Experts helps me deliver it."

--- Jon Van Gorder, Van Gorder Studios, Fairfield, CT, USA.

Color Experts International (Production)
Eastern Ulania, Suite: 2/1402,
2 Sagun Bagicha, Dhaka-1000
Bangladesh (South Asia - Indian Subcontinent).
Telephone: 88 (02) 717-4237
Cellphone: 88 (0172) 000-7800
Company URL:

E-mail: Kontakt

Color Experts International (CEI) is an offshore outsourcing company based in Santa Clara, California, USA with its production facility, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dr. R.K Molla, the founder and president of Color Experts International, started this company in 2004 with the goal of serving clients worldwide utilizing the potential of the highly skilled desktop publishing professionals of Bangladesh at a relatively lower price. Color Experts International (CEI) has a group of versatile professionals, who take the advantage of the time difference of North America, Europe with Bangladesh, and delivers the work orders with perfection and meets critical deadlines.



To really get into an understanding of the full potential of Web 2.0
I am now taking the course ,
extending over 9 weeks. I can tell you that it has already been very stimulating for my online engagement and I expect substantial results in the future from my new insight.

The doors are now closed for new members, but I will disseminate what I am learning and achieving in future issues of SPN.

- I will stop here - I have to prepare for the online
seminar (webinar) tonight :-) .

See you in next SPN.



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