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No. 18

The first Modern eZine combining Stock Photography
and Marketing

'Equally important for picture buyers and image providers.'

January 2005



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* News: Consolidation in the Stock Photography Industry

* My Web Hosting History considered

* Marketing With Photo Postcards.
Guest article by Kevin Nunley

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10,000 downloads of Graphic Exchange PDF magazine

* Press release:
Sports Betting and Gambling Image Library

* Online photo sharing options

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The consolidation and concentration in the stock photo
industry is continuing. At the same time a multitude of
new online image providers apply to the attention of the
picture researchers every week.
To say it mildly the marketplace for images is highly dynamic
in our time. The reason is a mixture of the need for capital and
consolidation linked to the globalization offered by the
Internet and the global outlook in general. And this is
coupled with the increasing availability of digital images
(and cameras) and software and services to bring the
pictures online.
>From school children to the most well known professional
photographers 'online photo sharing' is a hot topic and is
expected to explode in the nearest future.

As I have had the pleasure to travel a lot the later years
and have worked overseas for many months I have also
been in many areas now suffering from the Southeast
Asian tsunami disaster.
Info and relief:
Please help spread the message of tsunami relief!

Looking forward sharing issues of stock photography
and marketing in 2005; please enjoy this issue of
Stock Photo News!
Happy New Year!

Soren Breiting, Editor.
"Find Stock Photos from most of the World"
Comments, tips and relevant articles are appreciated.
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The consolidation of the providers of stock photography has
continued in 2004. The well known German stock agency
leader Zefa was bought by Corbis in 2004. Zefa has more
than 7.5 million images of which over 450.000 are digital.

Zefa HQ is based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Zefa was founded
in 1958 and employs 140 people with posted sales of about
$38 million for 2003. Zefa sells the images to advertising,
public relations and design agencies.

The acquisition of Zefa boosts Corbis' position in Europe
and increases Corbis' collection of 70 million images by
adding more architecture, lifestyle, sports, food and
general interest photography.

Corbis is the second-largest digital-image company in
the world. Corbis has 900 employees and sales of
$140 million in 2003. In the first 6 months of 2004 Corbis'
commercial photography business, which includes images sold
to advertising agencies, grew at 35 percent, according to
Corbis spokesman Dov Schiff. Corbis is owned by Microsoft
co-founder Bill Gates.

Getty Images is the biggest stock photography house
with 1,800 employees and sales of $523 million in 2003.
In 2004 Getty Images bought E-Lance Media that is
a German distributor of sport images, entertainment
and news.

Getty Images was already strong in the European Stock market.
2004 was also a hectic year for smaller players in the
stock photo industry, among others:
Veer purchased Solus Images, PictureArts acquired Nonstock,
a21 bought Superstock, Jupitermedia bought Comstock as well
as Thinkstock.


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When you realize the potential of the Internet you easily
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Many people have realized that, and the need for multiple
domain hosting has become clear. Some web hosting company's
offer discounted rates when you sign up for more than one
domain. Some people find the solution to hire a 'dedicated
server' so they have a server for their own websites
without any competition for space and bandwidth (traffic)
from others. But these solutions are rather expensive.

In my case I added new websites by the way during the years
and often had them hosted at the company that seemed to be
giving me the best offer at the time of purchasing the
domain. This ended up in a very complex situation.

The domain names I bought but didn't have the time to
elaborate with a home page I finally moved to DirectNic
that offers domain name hosting for just 15 USD a year and
the option of having a free website up 20 MB of space and
free traffic and statistics included. You just had to
accept a banner at the top and bottom of each webpage. In
this way it became easier for me to quickly develop small
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2004 I came across a much better solution I am now moving
over to.

Multiple domain hosting
The company New Web Sites (NWS) offers multiple domain
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You can host up to 200 domains for a very reasonable fee.

In fact I doubted this offer very much as I found it too
good. I went to a number of online discussion groups about
web hosting to find out what people were saying about this
company. With a few minor exceptions all claimed very good
experience of using NWS. Finally I decided to make the big

At the same time I will reduce my total costs by changing
my domain name provider to GoDaddy and the hosting of all
websites to NWS, see

As a photographer I have a rather big photo website for
A-Z Fotos ( hosted at an expensive
web hosting provider with good service and security but
new fees are adding up every time I am successful
building additional pages and getting more traffic.

If NWS will be as good as I expect at the moment I intend to
switch to that web hosting provider also for my photo

You find NWS at

With the use of AD-Sense from Google you can easily have
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I will keep you up-dated in future issues of Stock Photo News.

Building a successful website
Among my different web hosting providers I still enjoy
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I will keep that.
The SBI solution is a whole solution to develop a successful
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Also at SBI we have unlimited space and traffic. This is
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Many of the owners of SBI are common people with a dream of
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I have learned quite a lot just from their case studies.
You find these case studies at

It is easy to mimic some of these cases to work with stock
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A year ago I added an extra SBI site to my portfolio
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If you are already well served with websites I can still
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It is all about good content and how to build relevant traffic.
Soren Breiting, Editor of Stock Photo News



By Kevin Nunley

To be successful, your marketing plan needs to have two
essential things. First, it must get attention. If it
doesn't catch people's eye, it's not going to work, period.
Second, it must be cheap enough for the long haul. If your
marketing is too expensive, your profits will feel the

Using postcards is an effective marketing strategy that is
both affordable and attention-grabbing. Because a postcard
doesn't need an envelope, your message has a head start at
getting attention-- it's in your customer's face right off
the bat. Today's bright, full color postcards practically
jump out of your prospect's stack of mail.

Postcards are far cheaper to send than regular mail. You
can make small, targeted postcard campaigns and get the
same results as an expensive print or broadcast campaign
might bring.

Your postcard's main message needs to be simple and direct.
If your message is too long or seems too complicated, your
postcard will end up in the trash. Your card might double
as a coupon, thank customers for purchases, advertise a
sale, or simply remind people you're still there. Whatever
you do, don't try to pile too much information on one
postcard--focus on one objective.

When writing your postcard, start with a great headline.
Begin with an action word. Promise a main benefit customers
will get when they buy from you. Cut out extra words.

Headlines work best when they are black, bold type on a
white background. White on a dark background works well,
too. Avoid colored type. It can easily blend into the
background, giving your headline less impact.

Use a full-color photo to make your postcard look more
impressive and stand out from the other mail. That used to
be expensive, but now online suppliers can give you a vast
catalogue of stock photos to choose from at a low price.
Choose a photo that people who buy from you might identify
with or find amusing.

You can even send a series of cards. For example, your
floral shop might first send a postcard to addresses in the
neighborhood letting people know you're open for business.
Next, try sending a second postcard advertising a sale or
special item.

When you target consumers, consider these ways of
categorizing your audience: where they are located, what
they do for a living, family size, income range, ages, men
or women, how much education they have, and the lifestyle
they embrace. Targeting your audience will get you better
response and more bang for your advertising buck.

Cheap, effective postcards are a great way for a very small
business to gradually build its customer base and sales.
Postcards are also a good way to augment a larger company's
print and broadcast campaigns. By following these simple
tips, you can insure your postcard gets noticed and brings

Kevin Nunley provides no-cost marketing
advice. He also writes sales letters, web copy, and press
releases fast and at low cost. See all his marketing and
writing deals at
Send your question to him at


You will find an overview with reviews of online photo
sharing options and online photo albums at


Press Release, Dec 10, 04 Over 10,000 downloads of Graphic
Exchange Fall 2004 PDF magazine Graphic Exchange reports
that the latest issue of the world's first rich PDF
magazine has generated more than 10,000 total magazine
downloads since its October 21st release. "The success of
gX in rich PDF has demonstrated that the market is ready to
experience a downloadable rich media publication with
video, virtual reality, music, web links and other
interactive features, and that in this new era of broadband
delivery, file size is not an impediment," said publisher
Dan Brill.

According to Brill, the 10,279 downloads of the Fall 2004
issue of Graphic Exchange (as of December 9th) -- adding up
to over 850 gigabytes in download volume -- have already
surpassed the total for the Summer 2004 issue. The 79 MB
full embedded rich PDF version has accounted for about 75%
of the total. Downloads since the initial launch of gX in
rich PDF in mid-July have topped 19,000 individual digital
magazines, representing a total of 1.4 terabytes (1,400

Among the features in the current 52-page PDF issue of gX,
a well-respected Canadian graphics journal, are stories on
the future of publishing technologies, by industry veteran
Gene Gable; a report on musician Richie Hawtin (aka
Plastikman) and new performance motion graphics software
from Toronto's Derivative, by Toronto DJ Bob Kim; tips for
budding photographers on using the latest tools, by new
media expert Bob Connolly; a discussion on selling stock
photography, by Canadian photographer Mike Grandmaison; an
introductory tutorial on switching from QuarkXPress to
Adobe InDesign; an image gallery section featuring a full
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Embedded into the full version of the PDF, which requires
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"What many people don't know is that PDF is now a file
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There is simply no other file format in existence that can
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The first two rich PDF issues of Graphic Exchange were
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Communications, and may be downloaded from For more information, contact
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Press Release (PRBot.Com) November 16, 2004
Cut and Deal - - the new source
for sports betting and gambling image library, had won
three major contracts in its first three months of operation.

About Cut and Deal
Cut and Deal,, was founded in order to
fill a niche in the stock photography market, focussing
exclusively on sports, betting and gambling content. Cut
and Deal Ltd. was founded by Glen Conybeare and Alex
Kelleher. Glen Conybeare has worked with many of the large
sports betting and gambling companies including: Ladbrokes,
Victor Chandler, Intercasino and Paradise Poker. He also
worked as a freelance consultant with leading Soho design

Alex Kelleher founded his own internet design agency in
1995, and worked with some of today's most successful
online companies. Having built the company to 50 people, he
sold it in 2000 and following the sale co-founded Touch
Clarity, a fast growing marketing automation software


To get an overview of our pictures in a quick way many of
us use BreezeBrowser. Now there is a new version:
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Stock Photo News is 'in principle' a monthly newsletter
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Due to many travels abroad it is impossible for me to
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each month. My intention is to bring quality information
that is not outdated a month or two later.

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