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No. 22

The first Modern eZine combining Stock Photography and

'Equally important for picture buyers and image providers.'

September 2006


* From the Editor

* Websites for stock photography

* A Digital Camera for Every Pro - Review

* Is Adsense dead or alive - The cake or icing on the cake?

* Adsense is still live - see for yourself

* iStockphoto Localizes Stock Image & Video Site in French,
German and Spanish

* Getty Images Announces New 'Rights-Ready' Licensing Model

* Getty Images Buy iStockphoto for $50 Million

* Fall discounts are pouring over Pixtal: up to 40% off

* age fotostock reaches the 1 Million Royalty Free images

* Pixtal alters the basis of the Royalty Free

* Launch the Most Extensive Arab Stock Photo Library at

* How Well Do You Know Your SEO?
By guest contributor Brad Callen

* News about Photo Software

* Get Your Gift for Reading and Staying

* Since Last Stock Photo News

* White-list Stock Photo News

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This is the biggest issue of Stock Photo News during
its +6 years lifetime. I hope it is the most useful, too.

The stock photo industry is as much in the melting pot
as ever. I see at least four main directions:

1.) Consolidation and acquirements among the biggest and
medium sized stock photo agencies continues - they grow
and grow.

2.) A move away from the provision and use of 'traditional'
licensed stock imagery as the main thing towards high
quality royalty-free stock photos, priced rather similar
to much of the licensed stock material but without
restrictions for the user. (The limitations are linked to
the file size downloaded at the specific price).

3.) Widening the pallet of imagery etc. provided by the
individual photo agency, e.g. to include video shots,
posters, framed photos etc.

4.) The expansion of low priced image providers, offering
pictures at discounted prices, and often provided by amateur
who seem to be happy just to have someone to make
use of their photography.

The main trend is the continued process of globalization
(with tuff competition) linked to the opportunity for any
entrepreneur-minded photographer to go online and offer
pictures for the whole world.
The availability of pre-made photography sites with search
function and shopping card included make such enterprises
much more accessible than ever before - even for a modest budget.

And finally, not to forget that everything related to the
above mentioned trends are imbedded more or less in the fast
dynamics of online marketing and virtual recognition.

It should make much sense for you to take the following
information serious to consolidate your own space in the
creative world, whatever you are an image provider or a
professional making use of stock photography.

As mentioned in earlier issues of Stock Photo News the
use of text
is as important as the use of pictures on websites
to make seeds for the search engines to find your pictures or
other offers and to help the visitor to develop trust in what
the website is offering.

Google's Adsense program has been a welcomed additional income
stream for many website owners. Now this function has been
under critical attack under the name 'The death of adsense' -
regarded as a provocation by many well-established Adsense gurus.
This issue might be relevant for many of my readers of SPN, too.

If you didn't get your gift as a subscriber I repeat the bonus offer
below, now included for new subscribers.

Please enjoy reading Stock Photo News!

Soren Breiting, Editor.
"Find Stock Photos from most of the World"


Comments, tips and relevant articles are appreciated. Send
email to (please remove the
inserted part added to avoid email harvesters).

*** Important note: I will not sell or rent the email
addresses belonging to our subscribers - I respect your
privacy. This mail list will only be used to send you the
monthly ezine. - This ezine uses opt in addresses.***
Soren Breiting


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Entrepreneur-minded photographers can easily go online and
offer their pictures and stock photography from other
photographers by using some of the pre-made web facilities
offered now.

Honestly I don't have a personal experience in these facilities,
as I am doing my end sales through Alamy, Age Fotostock, Pixtal
and Biofoto.

My website A-Z Fotos ( has the function
to showcase my stock photos and to funnel picture requests
into these sales agencies with a focus on my stock photos.

The best functioning online offering of stock photography
from the point of view of SEO you will find at

and that is because the owner and developer is a clever
online marketer. has a full fledged facility with
photo galleries and shopping cart etc. It is developed by
a part time developer and that might be the risk as there
isn't a big company behind.
nyway it seems to me to be a very good offer. is another possibility with
options for the individual photographer as well as for
bigger stock photo agencies.

At I have collected
descriptions and links to a number of facilities for
sharing your photos online, some paid, some free services.

In general such scripts with online photo galleries aren't
well optimized for the search engines. (That's one of the
reasons you should read Stock Photo News carefully!



If you need an all-round back-up digital camera or a camera
for occasional shooting for urgent pictures without having a
full-stocked arsenal of a single lens reflex camera system
you might be happy with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50.

This digital prosumer camera has 10 mega pixels and a
12 times optical zoom lens from Leica. The photographer
is greatly helped by an optical image stabilizer.

It isn't a pocket sized camera but it has just been rated
as 'Highly recommended' by Digital Photography Review.
It isn't a perfect camera but you get a lot for the
street price of around $550.

This is just a single of the many news stories about
photography at especially when this is written
up to the big photography trade fair Photokina 2006 in Cologne,



Goggle's contextual advertising system Adsense for website
publishers has been regarded as the easiest way to get some
passive income for owners of content websites.

Some website owners have claimed to earn a real big income
from Adsense optimized sites. Using Adsense with picture
galleries in the right way has been one important way of
earning an income online. Now, a report has shaked the
market by crying 'Adsense is dead'.

This report has generated a tuff debate among internet marketers.
I enjoyed reading it and also its follow up report:
'The life after Adsense'. Both reports are f*ree for a
short time and you get them here at

In conclusion the question is if Adsense publishing it
the best income generating approach for website owners or
other approaches are more rewarding - Is Adsense the cake or just icing on the cake?

Whatever conclusion you draw these well-written reports
are well worth your time reading.



Easy access to benefiting from Adsense for content websites
with pre-made web templates and loads of articles with
'private label rights' (PLA) at this link

PLA is meaning that you have the freedom to adapt the
articles to your own needs without violating any copyright.
I am using these resources for a number of other websites.



Press Release Mon Sep 18, 2006

iStockphoto Localizes Stock Image & Video Site in French,
German and Spanish; Allows Members to Search and Upload
in Twelve Languages; Buyers Gain Full Access to Collection
in Their Native Languages and Artists Reach More Customers

CALGARY, Alberta--(Business Wire)--Sept. 18, 2006--
iStockphoto(R), the world's leading community-powered
marketplace for stock photography, illustrations and videos,
today launched localized versions of the site in French,
German and Spanish and will offer search and keyword entry
in 12 languages.

These enhancements will create easier access for designers
and business owners worldwide while giving talented global
photographers, artists and videographers an opportunity to
profit from their work.

iStockphoto already boasts a million-member community offering
more than one million images and videos by more than 25,000
contributing artists from six continents. Now, clients from
Los Angeles to Krakow can find and purchase cutting-edge
royalty-free imagery (all starting at $1) and video
(starting at $5) more easily, by searching in any of 12 languages.

Contributing artists will be able to keyword images in their
native languages, and iStock will then use the industry's most
powerful and accurate hierarchical language database to generate
11 different translations.

"Small and medium businesses can make a Fortune 500 impression
with the images and videos that are now available at prices
that provide a better value to them," said David Haueter,
principal research analyst with Gartner. "It will be interesting
to watch what globalization of this community can do for marketers
around the world."

The new language support is made possible through the use of
parent company Getty Images' patented, industry-leading search
and controlled vocabulary tools, which have been more than
10 years in the making. Unlike other stock photo sites that
claim to "automatically" translate words, leading to many keyword
errors, this database has been pre-translated with approximately
67,000 main concepts and up to 1 million synonyms in each of
the 12 languages.

The 12 supported languages are: US English, UK English, French,
German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese,
Russian, Italian, Polish and Greek.

iStockphoto's contributing artists will now reach an expanded
audience as the site becomes more accessible to a global clientele.

Those contributors whose native language is not English will have
an easier task keywording their images and using the site.

In addition, customers will be able to complete transactions in US,
Canadian, and Australian dollars; Euros, Japanese Yen, and British
pounds sterling.

French-, German- and Spanish-speaking communities make up the largest
iStockphoto user populations after English. Each localized site
will feature specific content created by members in that region.

For more information on how to become a contributor, royalty
percentages or image pricing, please visit

"We are very excited to welcome a broader set of international clients
and contributors to iStockphoto thanks to our elegant new keyword translation,
language support, and localized content," said Bruce Livingstone,
CEO of iStockphoto.

"We want to the share the explosion of stock imagery and video worldwide,
and I can't wait to meet the amazing new contributors and designers
who will join iStockphoto now."

Special Events:

iStockphoto's CEO, Bruce Livingstone, who pioneered the micropayment
stock imagery market in 2000, will be attending Photokina in Cologne,
Sept. 25 and 26, and will be giving the keynote address at the German
Multimedia Congress (DMMK) in Stuttgart, Germany on Sept. 27, 2006.

For interviews with Mr. Livingstone in Germany, please contact
Bernd Klumpp at

iStockalypse(TM) is a periodic event that brings iStockphoto contributors
together in different cities around the world to create images,
collaborate creatively and learn from one another.
September's event in Barcelona will be the biggest ever, with more
than a dozen shoots planned around the city for four days, ranging
from flamenco dance shoots to the backdrop of the Parc del Laberint

The event begins on September 29 and culminates on Monday, October 2,
at 20:00 with a gallery exhibition and silent auction of the best
work by participants, sponsored by Turisme Barcelona. Proceeds of
the silent auction will further support Getty Images' charitable
contributions to Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis
and Malaria.

Other sponsors include Bowens and Total Training, who are contributing
to the event. For more information visit:

For editors wishing to interview Bruce Livingstone, please contact
Eva Serrabassa at

About iStockphoto
iStockphoto,, the world's first, largest
and most innovative community marketplace for digital imagery,
pioneered the micropayment phenomenon in this industry, enabling buyers
to license images for as little as a dollar. iStockphoto entered the
stock video market in September of 2006, selling video for as low
as $5 per 30 second clip. In partnership with its members,
iStockphoto has turned community into commerce, transforming the
digital imagery market by encouraging passionate dialogue and education,
while making imagery affordable to businesses that may not have
licensed imagery otherwise. iStockphoto is headquartered in Calgary,
Alberta, Canada, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Getty Images (NYSE:GYI).

iStock(TM), iStockalypse(TM) and iStockphoto(R) are trademarks of
iStockphoto Inc.
All other company or product names are the registered trademarks or
trademarks of their respective owners.
iStockphoto Kara Udziela, Public Relations Director 360-574-2466
503-260-0441 (cell) or Kelly Thompson,
Vice President of Marketing 403-265-3062



Press Release
Wed Aug 2, 2006 9:00am ET
Industry-Leading Fusion of Quality, Flexibility and Simplicity
Reflects Evolving Customer Needs SEATTLE,

Aug. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --

Getty Images, Inc. (NYSE: GYI) today announced the upcoming
launch of rights-ready licensing, which enables customers in
the creative, corporate and publishing arenas to obtain high
quality still imagery through a simplified pricing and usage
structure. Developed with insight drawn from extensive global
customer research, rights-ready licensing combines the best
of Getty Images content and functionality, entering the market
as the only model of its kind.

It will be available in late August, exclusively at .

"In a world of ubiquitous, rapid-fire communication, our
customers have to be more nimble than ever, and licensing
must adapt accordingly. The rights-ready solution makes
licensing fast, flexible and predictable while delivering
a level of rights control that limits the possibility of
over-exposure in the marketplace," said Robert Gubas, vice
president of product marketing at Getty Images.

"We're excited to be the first imagery provider to offer
this synergy of efficiency and effectiveness."
Under the rights-ready model, duration and territory rights
are unlimited and use parameters are broadly defined, so
customers can avoid re-licensing for creative campaigns
that have the potential to evolve over time.

Further streamlining the process, eight fixed price points
are designated according to basic commercial, internal company
and editorial use categories, at levels comparable to
corresponding rights-managed single use categories.

While the model does not grant image exclusivity, a total
image buyout can be negotiated.

The rights-ready image collection, Riser, combines a breadth of
subject matter with an unexpected level of creativity.

Named for its capacity to serve as a fresh vantage point for
looking at the way we live, work and play in the world today,
Riser will feature approximately 80,000 high quality images
at launch, with concepts spanning lifestyle, business, travel,
sport and wildlife content categories.

To ensure the collection stays relevant to customer needs,
Getty Images will continue to expand the Riser collection,
adding hundreds of new images each month.

"The scope of a campaign isn't always easy to define at
conception as powerful ideas are often transformed during
the creative process," said Andrew Saunders, vice president
of imagery at Getty Images.

"Rights-ready licensing allows customers to easily extend
their campaigns and to employ innovative thinking, making
it an especially useful resource for new media applications."
The new model complements the company's existing rights-managed,
royalty-free and subscription models, and the micro-payment model
of its subsidiary, iStockphoto. Its introduction aligns with
Getty Images' continual effort to offer customers the most
innovative tools in the imagery industry.

Rights-ready licensing will be available to Getty Images
customers in all languages and currencies at in late August.

About Getty Images
Getty Images is the world's leading creator and distributor of
visual content and the first place creative professionals turn
to discover, purchase and manage imagery.

The company's award-winning photographers and imagery help
customers create inspiring work which appears every day in
the world's most influential newspapers, magazines,
advertising campaigns, films, television programs, books and
Web sites.

Headquartered in Seattle, WA and serving customers in more
than 100 countries, Getty Images believes in the power of imagery
to drive positive change, educate, inform, and entertain.

Visit Getty Images at .
For more information please contact:
Elise Chisholm, Edelman Seattle, 206-268-2270,
Molly Lohman, Getty Images, 206-925-6054,
SOURCE Getty Images Elise Chisholm of Edelman Seattle, +1-206-268-2270,
or, for Getty Images; or
Molly Lohman of Getty Images, +1-206-925-6054, or




iStockphoto Press Release

iStockphoto Joins Getty Images as Explosive Growth Continues;

Expansion into Social Media Opens New Markets for Industry Leader

CALGARY, Alberta--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 9, 2006

iStockphoto, the world's leading stock photography community,
today announced that it has been acquired by Getty Images, Inc.
(NYSE:GYI), the world's leading creator and distributor of
visual content.

The acquisition underscores the growing importance of social
media and places Getty Images at the forefront of the explosive
growth of the imagery industry's value segment. "We took a look
at where we wanted to go and found Getty Images singularly
capable of helping us get there," said Bruce Livingstone,
iStockphoto founder, CEO and president.

"This new relationship will greatly extend the reach of our
contributors, exposing their work to untapped global markets.
By joining Getty Images, we see tremendous room for growth
and a chance to bring even more photographers and image buyers
together. It's a very exciting time."

"We have pioneered most of the important developments in the
imagery industry in the last ten years. This time we want to
help grow and champion the sort of revolutionary thinking
iStockphoto represents as we lead the imagery business to
the next stage of growth, serving all markets at every price point,"
said Jonathan Klein, Getty Images' co-founder and CEO.

"Getty Images is committed to supporting iStockphoto as a community
of participation and innovation."

iStockphoto will continue operating as a separate brand while
gaining access to resources that will help build and expand the
community's global reach. Bruce Livingstone, who pioneered the
micropayment stock photography business model, will remain at the
helm of iStockphoto.

The acquisition demonstrates that Getty Images recognizes,
supports and embraces the power of the culture of participation
that is sweeping the Web and is continuing to implement its stated
strategy of serving image buyers at all price points on all platforms
and in all markets.

About iStockphoto
iStockphoto, , the world's first, largest
and most innovative community marketplace for digital imagery, pioneered
the micropayment phenomenon in this industry, enabling buyers to
license images for as little as a dollar. In partnership with its members,
iStockphoto has turned community into commerce, transforming the
digital imagery market by encouraging passionate dialogue and education,
while making imagery affordable to businesses that may not have
licensed imagery otherwise.

iStockphoto is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

About Getty Images
Getty Images (NYSE:GYI) is the world's leading creator and distributor
of visual content and the first place creative professionals turn to discover,
purchase and manage imagery. The company's award-winning photographers
and imagery help customers create inspiring work which appears every day
in the world's most influential newspapers, magazines, advertising campaigns,
films, television programs, books and Web sites. Headquartered in
Seattle, WA and serving customers in more than 100 countries,
Getty Images believes in the power of imagery to drive positive change,
educate, inform, and entertain.

Visit Getty Images at .

iStockphoto(TM) is a trademark of iStockphoto Inc.
Getty Images(TM) is a trademark of Getty Images, Inc.
All other company or product names are the registered trademarks or
trademarks of their respective owners.
CONTACT: Kelly Thompson, 403-265-3062 x232
or Getty Images Deb Trevino, 206-925-6474 or
Edelman Nate Murphy, 206-268-2256 or
Weber Shandwick Kara Udziela, 503-552-3731


September 2006 Press Release

Pixtal, the Royalty Free brand of the known international
photographic agency age fotostock, opens the season with
convenient discounts in all CDs and single image online purchases
of this collection. From October 1st through November 30th Pixtal
offers discounts to its clients of up to 40% on the purchases
of all products.

Pixtal splashes the market with irresistible prices.
The offer of the season starts with a 10% discount off the
regular price of single image or a single CD online purchase;
in online purchases of 2 images or 2 CDs the discount will be
of 20%, 30% off the purchases of 3 images or 3 CDs and 40% off
the online purchases of 4 images or more, or 4 CDs or more of
this popular brand.

This initiative puts in the hand of the client a great quantity
of images at astonishing prices... an offer that can’t be missed.

Pixtal will offer discounts on all their products, including images
and CDs corresponding to this year’s launches, which contain themes
which are currently in high demand. The different CD titles contain
images under diverse categories such as Lifestyle, Health & Medicine,
Economy & Business, Agriculture and Food, World Locations, Technology
& Industry, and are as original as Being a Student, Life in your 60s,
Business on the Roof, Young, Beautiful and Trendy, B&B in the Fall
and Charming Stores among many others.

Susan Jones, Sales Manager at age fotostock in New York comments:
"With these discounts we do not only intend to increase sales, but
we are doing justice to the philosophy of the brand, positioned as
a flexible product whose images cover a wide range of subjects,
offering creative solutions at affordable prices".

Pixtal collections contain more than 60,000 single images, and close
to 300 CD titles, and are available on age fotostock’ s website at

This irresistible Fall promotion is valid from October 1st through
November 31st on online purchases.



July 2006 Press Release

age fotostock is dramatically boosting its Royalty Free
images stock to meet the market's demand. The agency has
managed to close several representation deals with other
agencies during this first half of 2006 incorporating 14
new Royalty Free collections to

As a result, age fotostock closes the first six months of 2006
with 1 million RF images and over 40 RF collections available online
by increasing Pixtal's production, age fotostock's Royalty Free brand,
and obtaining the representation of AFLO, InspireStock, IndexStock,
Vstock, and Ndisc among many others.

Today RF images are the first choice for picture buyers.
Rights Managed imagery dominated the market as well as
age fotostock's archive content since the birth of the agency
back in the 1970's.

It was in 2000 when the demand of RF type of images started increasing,
and when age fotostock quickly responded by launching its very own
RF brand, Pixtal, a collection that today contains over 60,000 images
after its recent launch of 30 CDs and over 2000 single images.
It has been in the last 4 years though that the number of RF images
represented by age fotostock has grown exponentially, and where
the stock has gone from just a handful of collections in 2002 to
40 collections and 1 million images today.

Reaching this 1 million images figure is a very significant
cornerstone as it proves that an agency that has been in the market
for over 30 years has not only been capable of adapting to market changes,
but also has managed to be in forefront of the race at a time
where competition among agencies is becoming more fierce than ever,
and it is lead by large corporations and not private
independent ones like age fotostock.

You know 1 image is worth 1000 words, you can now find out what
1 million RF images are worth at



June 2006 Press Release

One of the issues surrounding photography today is that
establishing a standard of quality is very complex as
it is difficult to agree on what we understand for quality
in terms of photography.

Nonetheless, it seems that age fotostock has taken a step
forward this month launching 30 new CDs. This CD collection
incorporates the Pixtal guarantee seal which certifies that
the client will get the excellent quality they expect when
using the images the CDs contain. This is unique in the
Royalty Free industry and clearly asserts the "total Pixtal
guarantee". age fotostock has made a brave decision in
assuming all the responsibility that this seal entails,
which includes a commitment that all images contained in
the CDs have gone through a careful production process
and rigorous colour proofs to guarantee the final quality
of reproduction.

Pixtal counts on the complete support of tightly edited images
backed up by the more than 30 year of experience that age fotostock
has in the distribution of very commercial images.

With these 30 new titles Pixtal, the Royalty Free collection of
age fotostock, grows to 289 titles and more than 60.000 loose images.

Pixtal is one of today's largest and varied collections of
Royalty Free images that can be found in the market.

Sylvie Cherian, International Sales Director at age fotostock,
highlighted in the presentation of these new titles:
“The Pixtal collection is having a very good response in the US
and in many other markets worldwide which keeps us highly motivated
to continuously grow the collection”.

The new Royalty Free CDs of the Pixtal brand are 499€/$499 each
and they contain from 60 to 100 images per CD. The file sizes are
of 1Mb, 26MB and 50MB and these can also be purchased individually.

Prices for single images vary from 99€/$99 to 379€/$379
depending in the file size.

This new collection is available in
and through the international network of agents as single images
as well as physical and virtual CDs. Clients can also obtain more info
on the new CDs and on all the pixtal collection by contacting the
offices in Barcelona, Madrid or New York to solicit the new mini-catalogue.



JumpImages responds to the need for high-quality Arab-related
imagery by unveiling, the premier Arab imagery source.
The website contains a massive collection of high-quality,
rights-managed and royalty-free imagery focusing on the diversity
of modern Arab life.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (PRWEB) September 20, 2006 --

JumpImages responds to the need for high-quality Arab-related
imagery by unveiling, the premier Arab imagery source.
The website contains a massive collection of high-quality,
rights-managed and royalty-free imagery focusing on the
diversity of modern Arab life.

"Marketing professionals want to reflect the lives of modern Arabs
in their campaigns, and they want these campaigns to compete on an
international level," explains François Lhote, Production
Manager for

"Today, we are giving these professionals an important tool they
need: through over one year of dedicated photo shoots,
we have produced thousands of the most eye-popping,
high-quality Arab-related images available to creative
professionals today.

These images are accompanied by proper model and property releases,
something rarely available for arab stock photos," explains Lhote.

"Plus, we have thousands more stunning collections launching each
month that will turn even more heads. Our collections will
continually evolve to keep pace with new trends."

Featured in this collection is a mix of talent including UAE Emiratis,
other GCC nationals, and international models. The site showcases
the diversity of modern Arab life by depicting business, leisure,
and family lifestyles and emphasizing the growing prosperity of the
GCC region.

About JumpImages provides creative and marketing professionals with an
expansive collection of Arab stock photography, tailor-made image
libraries, and access to a world-class team of photography professionals.

For additional information, please visit

François Lhote
Production Manager
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

T: +971 4 347 9820
F: +971 4 347 9180



Adobe, the imaging giant, has acquired the technological assets of
Pixmantec ApS, the makers of the Rawshooter range of RAW software.

In a move to gain some market share, Bibble Labs, makers of a competing
RAW software, has announced a discount upgrade path for Pixmantec customers.
Bibble Labs

It seems that now is the time for acquiring assets in the technology
industry. Microsoft has bought iView, one of the market leading digital
asset management suites.
iView Multimedia


THE FOLLOWING GUEST ARTICLE is very useful for everyone engaged in
getting traffic to a website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
is crucial and with Brad Callen we are in the best hands.

The format is a quiz and in next issue of SPN we will make
a followu-up with futher details from Brad.

To help you recap what you know about SEO Brad Callen has
prepared a short quiz (20 questions) on the most important
SEO topics. He hopes that at the end of it, you will be able
to better evaluate your current SEO efforts, and should be able
to pinpoint the areas where you need to improve.


By Brad Callen

The quiz is divided into 3 sections (On-page optimization,
link building and general SEO), and is geared towards the basics -
so hopefully you should all be doing pretty well in it.

The answers are at the end, but please don't peek :

Let's get started.

On-Page Optimization

1. Your website sells Green Widgets - what is the best Title
tag for your main page?

a. Get Green Widgets, Buy Green Widgets, Green Widgets, Green Widget
b. We have Cheap Green Widgets with great prices and selection
c. Buy Green Widgets | Discount Widgets
d. Home |

2. Your site map has more than 100 links to your pages. Do you:

a. Create a hierarchy of links, and split up the site map into
multiple pages.
b. Keep adding new links, no problem.
c. Add a second page to your site map and add new links to that.
d. Stop adding links to your site map completely.

3. How many words should you consider writing in a page of pure
content (such as an article, a blog post or a product review)?

a. 100-200
b. 500-800
c. 200-400
d. 800+

4. What is the optimum keyword density you should aim for?

a. 2%-5%.
b. Keep the content normal, but stuff the page with hidden text
in alt tags, meta tags and "white-on-white" text to maximize
keyword density.
c. As much as possible, while keeping the content human-readable.
d. Forget keyword density - search engines pay very little attention
to it any more. Just focus on writing content that people will
want to link to.

5. What should you put inside meta tags?

a. Put your full keyword list in the meta keywords tag, and put
your most important keywords in the meta description tag.
b. Ignore the meta tags - search engines don't use them.
c. Write a short description of your website in the meta description
tag, and put your most important keywords in the meta keywords tag.
d. Put your most important keywords in the meta keywords tag and
don't use a meta description tag.

6. How should you use images on your site?

a. Use the alt tag to accurately describe the each image, and
include descriptive content around each image.
b. Put your most important keyword in an alt tags followed by
the word "graphic".
c. Just use them wherever it is necessary from an aesthetic
perspective, without regard for alt tags because they aren't
really that important.
d. Use alt tags to "hide" your full keyword list so you can
increase your page's keyword density.

7. Which style tag is preferred by the W3C for emphasizing
important text?

a. <b>
b. <strong>
c. <heavy>
d. <bold>

Link Building

8. What types of websites are most trusted by search engines
(authority sites)?

a. High PR websites
b. .edu and .gov websites
c. Low PR websites with lots of backlinks
d. Medium to High PR websites with lots of backlinks from
other high ranking websites
e. Both b and d

9. Which of these sites will provide the most valuable link?

a. A PR 7 website
b. A PR 5 site closely related to your niche with strong
backlinks from .edu and .gov (trusted) domains
c. A website with hundreds of pages of duplicate content
that is banned in the search engines
d. A PR 6 website loosely related to your niche but with
few 'trusted' backlinks

10. Suppose that you were offered the following 4 choices
as a link - which one would be the most valuable?

a. An optimized contextual link (a link as part of a page's
content with proper anchor text) from a closely related PR 5
site's main page content
b. A link on the links page of an unrelated PR 7 site - shared
with 50 other links (and their two line descriptions)
c. A link on the links page of closely related PR 6
site - shared with 20 other links
d. A PR 6 link from a directory page with 10 other links only

11. If you were building links for, what
would be your strategy in choosing anchor text?

a. Buy high PR links from closely related sites that offer
traffic as well as link wealth
b. Use organic marketing tactics to encourage natural link
growth using your site's content
c. Submit articles to article directories and link to your
site's inner pages in those articles to build 'deep' links
d. All of the above

12. Which of these four is the most important in assessing
a link?

a. The anchor text
b. The PR of the page you're getting the links from
c. The number of outgoing links on the link page
d. The title tag of the link page

13. How many links should you get for your site in the first
6 months (on average)?

a. 50-70 links a month
b. 100+ links a month
c. As many quality links as you can
d. 25-40 a month

General SEO

14. What does PageRank technically measure?

a. The linking power carried by one particular link
b. How many external, inbound links point to a particular page
c. The number and quality of the links pointing to a particular
d. Your ranking position in the search engines

15. What does the term "Sandbox" describe in reference to
Google's SERPs?

a. The ranking factors affecting all new websites that are
targeting highly competitive keywords before targeting less
competitive keywords
b. Google's system for penalizing sites exhibiting an o
verly-optimizing back-link structure
c. Google's penalty for building too many links too quickly
d. Google's play area for their staff during lunch break

16. What is the best way for websites with very little content
(like ecommerce stores) rank highly for competitive product terms?

a. They have a lot of natural links (one-way, contextual)
with optimal anchor text from a wide variety of websites
b. Their pages are stuffed with keywords and "white text"
c. They use content-generating software to spam the search
engines and attain false rankings
d. They pay a lot of money to get high PR links

17. Which of these will NOT get your site penalized in Google?

a. Thousands of automatically-generated pages built only for
the search engines
b. Building quality links at a steady pace
c. Scraping (stealing) content from other websites
d. Getting links from websites that Google considers to be
from a 'bad' link neighborhood

18. Which of these five methods will not give you an
accurate estimate of the search demand in a niche?

a. Overture search term figures
b. numbers
e. Google Suggest

19. When designing the site structure of a website, which
of the following statements is NOT a good idea?

a. Make a site map that points to each page on the site
b. Attempt to make all pages accessible from the home page
by at most 3 clicks
c. Link all of your inner pages to all of your other websites
d. Create a category structure that goes from broad to narrow

20. Which is the best method of getting traffic to your site?

a. Pay-per-click ads
b. Pay for high PR links so that you get a PR yourself,
which will help boost your own search engine rankings
c. Submit your website to search engines and popular
directories, and focus on creating content
d. Create quality content that people in your niche
would want to link to, and then promote that content
through article syndication, blogs and forums
e. All of the above

Read more about Brad Callen and SEO at

Ok, now that you've answered all the 20 questions, compare
your answers to the answer sheet below. This was a
fairly basic quiz, so if you get less than 10 right, you
should seriously consider reviewing the material in this newsletter.
However, if you got more than 15 right, congratulations - you've
got the basics right.
Make sure that you apply these principles to your websites as well,
otherwise you won't see good rankings.

Answers Key:

1. c
2. a
3. b
4. d
5. c
6. a
7. b
8. e
9. b
10. a
11. d
12. a
13. c
14. c
15. a
16. a
17. b
18. d
19. c
20. e

Read more about Brad Callen and SEO at



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Do you fight with time to code your pictures with the best
Then the Controlled Vocabulary by David Riecks might be the
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Just when I am writing these sentences I am very anxious
about becoming a grandfather for the fifth time.
My second daughter and her husband are expecting their
second child. To me it is one of the biggest gifts in
life to get and to live with grandchildren.
My wife and I have four great children all grownup and
doing very well indeed.

But to be rewarded with a new well-born child or
grandchild will never be routine for me.

Of 'less important' events since last Stock Photo News
I should mentioning a photo tour to Madagascar this summer,
22 years after my first visit to Madagascar. The huge
island of Madagascar is among my absolute favorites
for photography related to cultural and biological

As one of the absolute poorest nations in the world,
Madagascar should have a much better future for the
millions of kind people living at or below the minimum
of existence.

Unfortunately, I fear that the change of the global
climate will only do harm to the future of most of the
population of Madagascar.



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