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The first Modern eZine combining Stock Photography and Marketing

July 2001



* From the Editor

* Tips for using conceptual pictures # 2

* Guest article: The Color of e-Business
- by Ernest Seger

* Take better Travel Pictures, Tip # 2

* More tips

* Review

* Review of a New Report: Get into the Photobuyers´ mind

* Timely Time Management Tips ezine

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Viral marketing is the hot issue in online marketing
today. The concept builds on the ability of the Internet
to spread a marketing product or service like a virus.

In some way it builds on the old-fashioned "word of mouth"
mechanism, like when telling a good story goes "all over the
world", because it gives each storyteller a positive social

In viral marketing the product or service will give both the
originator of the thing AND the people who carry it on
some benefit. As with the "word of mouth" it is smarter to be
the first to tell the story than to be the last to hear it.

Such a viral and smart thing is Start Blaze. I have recommended
it in a special mail to all subscribers and in that way
broken my promise not to send advertisements to our
subscribers. But this viral thing is really something
which will give you some exceptional possibilities. It can
help you advertise your own website, or another business.
Since I would like to know if you are interested in such
a thing, I give you the option to click on

and vote with your mouse whether you like what you see.

Enjoy your reading! And have a nice summer.

Soren Breiting

" Find Stock Photos from most of the World"

Comments, tips and relevant articles are appreciated,
please email me personally sb@

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addresses belonging to our subscribers
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Conceptual pictures function as symbols, icons or
analogies in advertisements, for book covers,
illustrating articles and features etc.
This new list can hopefully further your own ideas.

... Many uniform eggs
... Soldiers marching/ parading
... Dense colony of sea gulls or other colonial sea bird

The way ahead
... Long uniform strait board walk or road
... A road with many turns

... Mixture of etnic people
... Mixture of people in different cloths
... Mix of shore birds
... Colourful stones on the beach

The (male) Boss
... Old guerilla male (“silverback”)
... Male red dear overseeing herd of females

Send me additional ideas for these concepts,
and I will publish them with your name/website
in the next issues .
New concepts will also be listed in the next issue.
All will later be put together and displayed at


By Ernest Seger

We all know the tremendous advantages to operating a store
front on the Web. But often we overlook the built-in
disadvantage that every Internet store front shares.

The flat surface of a computer monitor has to substitute
for the brick, mortar and 3 dimensional colors of a real
world business.

Which brings up a problem -

You built your site around a particular shade of blue that
looks great on your PC. But your visitor is viewing your
site on his Mac, which translates that shade of blue into
something that looks very different!

But not to worry. The following free sites can help you
whip out great looking web-safe color combinations in a
flash. is a free color lab that
allows you to see how colors work together. It's very
visual and simple. Click on the color wheel and different
color choices are presented to the right of the wheel. Keep
choosing colors until you find something that looks good to
you. is the same color
lab but with a *random* button. Click "random" until you
find an interesting combination of colors. Then begin to
remove the colors you don't like by clicking on the tiny
" X"s. allows you to experiment using
up to four color combinations It gives you HEX or RGB
values and will even email the
combinations to you.

Now let's talk first about the IMPACT of colors - and how
the colors you choose for your web site could impact your
bottom line.

The basis for this information is

[] Blue
Studies have revealed that blue is the country's most
Popular color.

Ford, "Big Blue" (IBM) and Benz, are all blue. When
Exxon and Mobile merged, their color became blue.

[] Green
Speaks of ecology and nature. Says Eiseman,
" Consumers describe it as fresh, clean and revitalizing."

Yellow-Green is negative for adults (slime), but is liked
by the youth market.

[] Red
Red is viewed as the most exciting color - and creates
a high arousal threshold.

Compare Chrysler (red) with Ford (blue). Which company do
you view as the most cutting-edge and exciting?

[] Purple
" The 18 to 29 year olds are especially partial to purple
because they consider it sexy," says Eiseman. "And
the influentials see it as powerful and sophisticated."

[] Black
" Black remains the most mysterious, powerful, and
sophisticated shade, especially with wealthy,
achievement-oriented women." But not by middle-aged men
and women, however, who still associate black with

[] Pink and red
The two colors that are seen as the warmest as well as
the most cheerful, with pink being the most popular
of the two.

[] Bright orange
The least favorite color

For more on this subject, go to

Bottom line:

Better use of color will mean a better Web site that
appeals to your visitor, and can even make your site
appear better than it is.

Match the color scheme of your site with your
target audience and you'll make more money.

It's as simple as that (and as hard!).

Internet Business Marketing, by Ernest Seger, specializes
in software, services, e-books, and Internet marketing
techniques to drive targeted traffic to your site.



Shoot against the light

You can improve your harvest of interesting travel pictures,
if you shoot purposely against the light. Every time you
frame people with blond hair, animals with fur or
light colored flowers with light green foliage the transparent
details will add considerably to make outstanding photos.

In general most modern lenses are well coated to reduce
the effect of the light´s reflections on glass surfaces.
This is even true with most point and shoot cameras.

So don’t worry, but if possible use a good lens shade,
" just in case" the light is tricky. Even a hand can help
shading the direct light on the lens surface,
but be careful not to get into the frame.

For rather close photos of people and animals against the sun,
use a fill-in flash to lighten the face without destroying
the effect of the back light subject.

If you have time and possibilities a large sheet of white
cardboard or white cloth can be used as a reflector to
lighten up the dark shadows in front of you. This is
especially good if you take portraits.

Have good luck with your travel photography.

Soren Breiting


Product Review: S t a r t B l a z e

Concept: Website Traffic Building System

Overall Rating: ***** out of 5
Ease of Use: ***** out of 5
Effectiveness: ***** out of 5
Recommendation: Use it Immediately - Mission Critical Tool

Price: FREE

I heard some buzz about the new free traffic building system
called StartBlaze created by Mark Joyner of and
decided to test it out. Mark and his guys are always
releasing *something* over there, but this one is unique -
and breathtakingly cool.

Try it out yourself:

Bottom Line: This is probably the most effective traffic
building system I have ever encountered. I just hope it
stays free... You should get it now while it still is.

Listen to what the top gurus in Marketing are
saying about this new tool at



Google`s specialized image search engine allows you to
search and browse more than 150 million digital images.
Try to search for "avahi" and you will find one of the pictures
of this cute little lemur from A-Z Fotos:


I have now read this report, mentioned in the last
Stock Photo News, and can sum up some of the most interesting
findings presented there. It is aimed at photographers
and photo agencies. But it can be interesting for
stock photo buyers, too. On just 20 pages some interesting
points are addressed based on the situation in USA and
a sample of respondents as photo buyers.

One question is about unsolicited submissions of photos
and promotional material to potential photo buyers. It seems
possible to get the attention of the photobuyer,
if the submission is perfectly fitting to the users´
needs, e.g. a magazine, - many submissions are not that
at all. Around 90% of the photobuyers responding to this
question don´t want unsolicited submissions of photos in general.

Promotiopnal material from specialists fitting into the
needs seems to be received more positively than general

The delivery of digital submissions are - as we
know - becomming more and more popular. This is fine for
a preview, but when the answers were collected, the majority
of the photo buyers wanted the real pictures (i.e. slides)
for their printing. As a warning to would be scanning
photographers many photo buyers are not happy with the
quality of scans delivered by photographers.
If you submit scans, always ad a nice print of the pictures
on paper.

In this transition time between the "traditional" analog
photography and the new digital medium, the photographer
should be able to deliver both the film AND the digital
format to suit all needs.

Counting from the - may be few - who responded, periodicals
publish as an average 63 pictures per month, and the average
price paid for those pictures was USD 208 per image.

An average for pictures published inside (covering just 1/4 page)
for editorial use is USD 150.

The report includes some more general points of view for the
stock photographer, - if not new to you, this might help
you to be more determined in what you are doing. And it
includes a reading list.

This following is the presentation from Photo Source of
the report:

"Staying ahead in the stock photo industry takes a lot. A
lot of talent and understanding of how the industry
works. You already have the talent.

Let PhotoSource International give you a hand with
understanding further how you can work successfully in
the industry. PhotoSource International has been
assisting stock photographers with stock photo business
insights for more than 25 years.

Now you can also benefit from the PhotoSource
International 2001 Photobuyer Survey. In the Survey, you
will find out what photobuyers have to say about things
like digital submissions, want lists, unsolicited
submissions, Royalty Free, and much more.

Stay ahead of your competition. If you order by June
15th, the cost is only $14.95. Order your copy ($14.95)
of the 2001 Photobuyer Survey today!


AltaVista is loosing ground, Google, MSN and Yahoo are
the winners.

Timely Time Management Tips ezine

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Soren Breiting

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" Find Stock Photos from most of the World"
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