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The first Modern eZine combining Stock Photography and Marketing

October 2001



* From the Editor

* What is the actual trend in Stock photography?

* Guest article: What clients really want
- by Maria Piscopo

* Do you need more subscribers for your newsletter ?

* Learn from free marketing courses

* Guest article: Marketing When Sales Are Slow
- by Dr. Nunley

* More about the digital workflow

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Economy of most kinds of business is slowing down. The World
is not running as smooth as most of us were getting used to.

The solution is: sharpen your focus on spending, marketing
and quality of your products and service.

This issue of Stock Photo News should help you doing this,
whatever you are a picture user or picture producer.

Enjoy reading!

Soren Breiting

" Find Stock Photos from most of the World"

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How to be trendy and "hit the nail" at the right moment,
when selecting pictures? Or - how to shoot your stock photos
with a cutting edge atmosphere?
You have your own gut feeling for what is in for the moment.
And you get a lot of information and inspiration from
what you actually see published in the media. But how to
KNOW what is trendy?
Not many of us have the resources to hire researchers to
do systematic research about fashion trends and trend setting
big events and their imaging implications for people and
specific target groups.

Now, we have access to an easy tool and all of us can skim
the cream of others research.
According to Getty Images CEO and co-founder Jonathan Klein,
Getty is doing that kind of research. Professional researchers
investigate demographics and trends in high-end advertising.
They requirements sales data, website searches, and customer
requests to find out what images are in demand and what are
actually selling.
All findings are combined to be used for giving requirements
to the production of new stock pictures for the huge picture
provider, which is the worlds biggest conglomerate of picture
Read the full story here:,1367,45399,00.html

So, how to learn from the research of Getty? It is simple,
according to Rohn Engh, director of PhotoSource International,
we can just do window shopping at Getty´s main websites.

Visit them once a week and analyse the pictures they present
at the main page for content and style. Refresh your browser
several times to see the different pictures coming up.
And make your own decisions of what kind of style to use or
You find Getty at



-- By Maria Piscopo

This tip will bring you up-to-date on how clients make hiring decisions when
looking for photographers, graphic designers or any freelance service. As
new technology, personal communications and economic needs influence your
clients, you must adapt to get a competitive edge and get the work.

Clients do look at hiring freelance designers as different than hiring the
" talent" - the illustrators and photographers. For design services, clients look
closely at the self-promotion pieces and personal approach used by the

For a photographer or an illustrator, clients can use more of a broad search
pattern based on the style they need on a project. Tracy Smith is an Art
Director at Spring Industries and says, "I use sourcebooks to find
photographers. For freelance designers, I depend on word of mouth, direct
mail promotions and even look at the temp agencies when I need help."
Other clients named resources for finding freelancers such as:

* Personal referrals
* Art/Photo Reps
* Technical trade schools
* Local trade, design and advertising publications
* Networking at design and advertising associations
* Asking other freelancers!
* Despite the last ten years of freelancers shifting from personal to
non-personal marketing, clients do want to make a personal connection with

Meredith Brison, Creative Department Manager for Ha*lo Advertising in
Michigan says,
" Personal contact with my freelancers is extremely important.
The process that works best for us is to find the freelancers whose work
best fits our needs. At that point, the portfolio gets dropped off and
reviewed. Then, we call the freelancer in to discuss their work, go through
their portfolio, and learn how they like to work. Finally, we are able to
determine if they and their work are the perfect fit for our department and
the project."

Rob O'Reilly, Senior Art Director at Access Advertising in Ontario, Canada
" Personal contact is a slow process but I make the time. It is very
important to get along with the freelancer in order to establish the best
creative execution and commitment to the project."

With the number of freelancers competing for jobs, clients have added on new
factors to evaluate the freelancers they will hire. Beyond technical skills
and creative vision, here's a more thorough checklist. Use this list when
designing your next portfolio presentation and any kind of self-promotion.
* Range of media experience
* Number of active clients
* Turnaround time on typical projects
* Other related services available
* Project production management skills
* Flexibility and the ability to take direction
* Meeting deadlines and the ability to change direction
* Communication skills with management and vendors
* Knowing how to ask the right questions on a project
* Reliability and follow through is very important
* Balance of creativity and business sense

E-commerce is here to stay but don't retire those print and transparency
portfolios quite yet! Many clients see electronic self-promotion as a
two-step process. Some will look at a Web site or CD-ROM and call in the
" real" portfolio. Some will receive your direct mail or call and then go to
your Web site. Many times, the decision to even look at a CD or Web site is
based on the client's industry type.
This is still a pretty controversial question and clients have lots to say
on the subject! Here are some of their comments:

Michelle Gauthier, Waterloo Maple Inc.,
" For my type of business electronic promotion by the freelancer is a vital
tool. As a software development company, we look at both CD-ROMs and
Web sites. I am a strong advocate of electronic media!"

Tracy Smith again,
" It takes an effort to view electronic promos and I still
prefer printed finals presented by the person"

Stephen Schaf, BJC Design Communications,
" Electronic promos are critical especially when the ad agency and
art director are unaware of the freelancer's style"

Susan E. Morgan, Musicland Group Inc.,
" They are creative and technical but I won't hire just based on a Web site
or CD-ROM."

Meredith Brison again,
" I don't care for electronic self-promos. They make it hard to verify
quality and the materials used for the project. I would much rather 'touch'
the artwork. On many sites, I can't even print anything to view or keep on
file for future reference."

Michele Virnig, Newell Office Products,
" I think they are great. It always impresses me when I see a freelancer
with their own well-designed and produced Web site."

Rob O'Reilly again,
" I find them very impersonal and the artwork all starts to look the same.
The format is limiting and does not show me what is unique about working
with this freelancer."

Marcelo Oliver, Anatomical Chart Company,
" I personally prefer something that is printed unless the actual project
requires an animator or Web site designer"

Lisa Hastay Benavides, Region XIII,
" I think electronic self-promotion is wonderful. It is easy for me to
access and always available on my own time. I recommend freelancers use
a well designed Web site with an eye-catching direct mailer with a contact
name and directions to the site."

Finally from Michael Standlee, Creative Director, Michael Standlee Design,
" When looking for a freelancer, I first look through a folder with direct
mail promotional pieces I've collected. I love electronic self-promotion,
especially a good interactive CD. Web sites can also give you a flavor of
the artists' work."

Is one business tip enough? If not, visit Maria's web site "Business Tips
Library" as well as for information on her new marketing book for creative



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You are offered a number of useful courses in marketing and
other relevant aspects of having a successful website.
Just go to



-- bY Dr. Nunley

This week I got a message from the marketing director at a
medium-sized company. She wanted some ideas on how to market
when sales are slow.

Typically the first things companies do when the economy gets
slow is cut back on marketing. The slower sales get, the more
advertising they cancel.

It can be a vicious circle. No promotion means fewer sales. Add
that to an already slow cycle and sales can fall to a trickle.

Instead, look for low-cost ways to get a lot of marketing
results. Necessity is the mother of invention and you may be
surprised at how much promotion you can squeeze from very little

First mine your list of current and previous customers. Send
them mailers, make phone calls, start an email newsletter. Offer
service after the sale, special current customer deals, and plain
'ol reminders that you are still around.

Make your marketing to new customers more targeted. One
photographer dropped her expensive ad in the daily newspaper to
do very targeted direct mail. It worked and for a fraction of
the price.

Nothing delivers results for almost nothing like the Internet.
Beef up your online presence with a bigger web site and more
opportunities to receive information via email.
No matter what your budget, Kevin has a marketing package for
you. Press releases, killer ad copy, newsletter ad packages,
search engines and more! See
Reach Kevin at or 801-328-9006.



You can read and ask experts about the digital workflow at


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